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Escorted off the Premises

I had to escort another would-be client off the premises after she had failed her recent interview/audition . Her current coiffure resembled one of Rita Ora's cast off wigs-a good 2 inches of black roots  with the rest pure white candy floss.  "I want you to get rid of my roots with highlights and just trim the ends on the bottom" she stated. I informed her that no amount of highlights would achieve the desired effect and I asked which particular ends would she permit me to trim as there were some on the left side that trailed down a good three inches longer than the ends on the right. When I told her to look for another hairdresser , she yelled that she would tell everyone how horrible I was to her.  Puzzled, I stated that I hadn't been at all horrible. "You told me my hair was in a bad condition!"  Horrible or truthful-I let you decide......

Tony's A-Z of Hairdressing

A is for Artistry- much more important than symmetry in my view. I prefer textured effects . 
B is for Balayage. I think it fair to say that I personally introduced this technique to Wiltshire.
C is for Curls -the C word in Hairdressing !
D is for Diva-there's only room for one in my salon- and it isn't going to be you !
E is for equal-but some hairdressers excel
F is for fringes-definitely the F word in Hairdressing-please don't ask for one
G is for Graduated Bobs-banned in my salon
H is for Hollywood Hair-be inspired.

Cheryl Cole/Versini

A client, booked in for a blow dry told me she wanted to look like Cheryl Cole-" You will need more than a blow dry" I told her. Of course, I meant that she would need a restyle, new colour, extensions etc. but I'm not sure she saw it like that.

Time for a new style

A customer told me recently that she hadn't been happy with how her hair had been cut for the last 5 years. I asked her to describe to me how she wanted it to look. "Aha", I said to her; "I know the answer-it's because all the hairdressers who knew how to cut that style have died!"

Back by popular demand

Hi everyone-I'm back. I haven't put up a blog for ages as my colleague Mario kept telling me off , saying that people will think I'm bitchy-which I'm not (honest!) Anyway, just as I told my client who came in clutching  a photo of Lulu, "I want to look like her", that she will need two face lifts and hair extensions for starters, I prefer to think that I give an honest appraisal and a clear opinion as to what is possible.

Too common to come in ?

Employee of the Month Award goes to my assistant , Mario, who thwarted the enquiries of a would -be client last week.
  "I thought she looked a bit common, so I told her we were busy"

Back from hols

Just returned from a weeks holiday in Sharm El Sheikh-the weather was lovely, so pop in and see me while I've got a tan , otherwise I will be my usual "pale but interesting" self after a few days. Surprised to see a glut of lop-sided and upturned ginger and crimson hair do's (or don'ts!) being worn by middle aged Russian ladies. So for all those local ladies who sport similar styles and think they are cutting edge, think again-you are just catching up with your eastern european counterparts , who are decades away in the style stakes as far as I am concerned.

Booking hoggers

To all those people who think it is ok to book an appointment 4/6 weeks in advance and then leave a message after I have closed for the day, cancelling their bookings for the next day-well it is NOT ok-run back to your old hairdresser and get them to give you the cropped pixy cuts, inverted bobs and other monsrous hair donts that you had before I restyled you! You have been warned.
   On a lighter note -thank you to the vast majority of  my lovely clients who kept me busy over Christmas and didn't mess me about over bookings.


sorry it's been ages since my last blog. I've been really busy -didn't win the window display prize as my salon was burgled and all my luxurious products were nicked. If you see any tramps/pikeys with exceptionally glossy hair give Wiltshire Police a call please.

Exclusive Hair Colours now Available

oops-it's been absolutely ages since my last blog, but I have been busy-going up to London every weekend for the last month. Firstly I went to Salon International's 3 day extravaganza, where I met Richard Ward (owns massive salon in Chelsea, where Duchess of Cambridge had her hair styled for her wedding). He tried to sell me a brush. Bit of a come down ( I thought to myself).
     The rest of the time  I was arranging to have supplies of the worlds finest hair colours (in my opinion-but then I have tried out most of them) to be delivered to Chippenham-they are finally here !
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