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Escorted off the Premises

I had to escort another would-be client off the premises after she had failed her recent interview/audition . Her current coiffure resembled one of Rita Ora's cast off wigs-a good 2 inches of black roots  with the rest pure white candy floss.  "I want you to get rid of my roots with highlights and just trim the ends on the bottom" she stated. I informed her that no amount of highlights would achieve the desired effect and I asked which particular ends would she permit me to trim as there were some on the left side that trailed down a good three inches longer than the ends on the right. When I told her to look for another hairdresser , she yelled that she would tell everyone how horrible I was to her.  Puzzled, I stated that I hadn't been at all horrible. "You told me my hair was in a bad condition!"  Horrible or truthful-I let you decide......