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Exclusive Hair Colours

Too common to come in ?

Employee of the Month Award goes to my assistant , Mario, who thwarted the enquiries of a would -be client last week.
  "I thought she looked a bit common, so I told her we were busy"

Exclusive Hair Colours now Available

oops-it's been absolutely ages since my last blog, but I have been busy-going up to London every weekend for the last month. Firstly I went to Salon International's 3 day extravaganza, where I met Richard Ward (owns massive salon in Chelsea, where Duchess of Cambridge had her hair styled for her wedding). He tried to sell me a brush. Bit of a come down ( I thought to myself).
     The rest of the time  I was arranging to have supplies of the worlds finest hair colours (in my opinion-but then I have tried out most of them) to be delivered to Chippenham-they are finally here !
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