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the long and the short of it

I wish to dispel the myth that I don't like short hair-short hair can look great on the right person. However, a rather portly middle aged  lady came in yesterday demanding that I "shave off" her hair at the back,and when I told her that I wasn't happy about doing that, she stormed off and told me that she was going to announce on facebook that I refused to style her hair the way that she wanted.
   I am proud to announce that I always try and find a flattering, soft and feminine style for my clients,whether long or shorter hair.

pesky pixies

I recently asked one of my new clients what the inspiration was for her short haircut.She told me that she had been having her hair cut in a "pixie" style for many years. I told her that I thought those styles were more suited to pixies ! We are now letting her hair grow to a softer, fuller shape, better suited to her features.
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