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Cheryl Cole/Versini

A client, booked in for a blow dry told me she wanted to look like Cheryl Cole-" You will need more than a blow dry" I told her. Of course, I meant that she would need a restyle, new colour, extensions etc. but I'm not sure she saw it like that.

Time for a new style

A customer told me recently that she hadn't been happy with how her hair had been cut for the last 5 years. I asked her to describe to me how she wanted it to look. "Aha", I said to her; "I know the answer-it's because all the hairdressers who knew how to cut that style have died!"

Back by popular demand

Hi everyone-I'm back. I haven't put up a blog for ages as my colleague Mario kept telling me off , saying that people will think I'm bitchy-which I'm not (honest!) Anyway, just as I told my client who came in clutching  a photo of Lulu, "I want to look like her", that she will need two face lifts and hair extensions for starters, I prefer to think that I give an honest appraisal and a clear opinion as to what is possible.

two weeks on

two weeks on and it seems like I haven't stopped. It's great to have a shop front; I've had my first "walk in " client and several other passer -by's who picked up my cards or flyers in the outside passageway-not to mention the lady who came in asking about permanent hair straightening. The conversation went like this;
Client "Do you do permanent hair straightening?"
Me-"yes, I do a no heat system that lasts about six months, after which time you need to retouch the new hair at the roots or let it gradually grow out"
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